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Publications: Preventing Human Extinction ~ Planetary Health

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The biosecurity benefits of genetic engineering attribution | Gregory Lewis, Jacob L. Jordan, David A. Relman, Gregory D. Koblentz, Jade Leung, Allan Dafoe, Cassidy Nelson, Gerald L. Epstein, Rebecca Katz, Michael Montague, Ethan C. Alley, Claire Marie Filone, Stephen Luby, George M. Church, Piers Millett, Kevin M. Esvelt, Elizabeth E. Cameron, Thomas V. Inglesby | Nature Communications | December 8, 2020

Addressing Climate Change and Its Effects on Human Health: A Call to Action for Medical Schools | Goshua, Anna; Gomez, Jason; Erny, Barbary MD; Burke, Marshall PhD; Luby, Stephen MD; Sokolow, Susanne DVM, PhD; LaBeaud, A. Desiree MD; Auerbach, Paul MD; Gisondi, Michael A. MD; Nadeau, Kari MD, PhD | Academic Medicine | November 24, 2020

Adaptive social contact rates induce complex dynamics during epidemics | Ronan F. Arthur, James H. Jones, Matthew H. Bonds, Yoav Ram, Marcus W. Feldman | bioRxiv | April 14, 2020