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Publications: Air Pollution

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The Effect of Particulate Matter Exposure During Pregnancy on Pregnancy and Child Health Outcomes in South Asia: Protocol for an Instrumental Variable Analysis | Fabian Reitzug, Stephen P Luby, Hemant K Pullabhotla, Pascal Geldsetzer | Journal of Medical Internet Research Protocols | August 10, 2022

Modeling ventilation in a low-income house in Dhaka, Bangladesh | Yunjae Hwang, Laura (Layla)Kwong, Mohammad Saeed Munim, Fosiul Alam Nizame, Stephen Luby, Catherine Gorlé | arXiv | February 3, 2022

Displacing fishmeal with protein derived from stranded methane | Sahar H. El Abbadi, Evan D. Sherwin, Adam R. Brandt, Stephen P. Luby, Craig S. Criddle | Nature Sustainability | January 2022

BRICK Lab:  Stage 2: Test Solutions | Stanford Impact Labs | 2022



Household Air Quality Risk Factors Associated with Childhood Pneumonia in Urban Dhaka, Bangladesh | Pavani K. Ram, Dhiman Dutt, Benjamin J. Silk, Saumil Doshi, Carole B. Rudra, Jaynal Abedin, Doli Goswami, Alicia M. Fry, W. Abdullah Brooks, Stephen P. Luby, Adam L. Cohen | The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene | May 7, 2014 

Indoor exposure to particulate matter and age at first acute lower respiratory infection in a low-income urban community in Bangladesh | Emily S. Gurley, Henrik Salje, Nusrat Homaira, Pavani K. Ram, Rashidul Haque, William A. Petri, Joseph Bresee, William J. Moss, Stephen P. Luby, Patrick Breysse, Eduardo Azziz-Baumgartner | American Journal of Epidemiology | Apr 15, 2014 

Impact of neighborhood biomass cooking patterns on episodic high indoor particulate matter concentrations in clean fuel homes in Dhaka, Bangladesh | H. Salje, E. S. Gurley, N. Homaira, P. K. Ram, R. Haque, W. Petri, W. J. Moss, S. P. Luby, P. Breysse, E. Azziz‐Baumgartner | Indoor Air | April 1, 2014