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Nipah measles vector vaccine (MV-NiV)

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Emerging Infections

Nipah measles vector vaccine (MV-NIV)



Develop protocols for first in human trials of Nipah virus vaccines.



Nipah virus is a paramyxovirus with pandemic potential, causing severe and often fatal disease in humans and exhibiting person-to-person transmission. While there are currently no vaccines or treatments for Nipah virus approved for human use, several possible vaccine candidates exist. Development of a successful vaccine would allow for the safe guarding of populations living in Nipah virus endemic areas and provide a tool to mitigate the threat of pandemic spread.

With ongoing risk factors and cases as well as a known cohort of Nipah virus survivors, Bangladesh represents one of the few sites in the world for the study of Nipah virus and the development of a vaccine. In the near future, Bangladesh will likely be the site for phase II and III trials of new Nipah virus vaccine candidates


Project Dates

2018 to current


Stage of Work

Currently the Stanford based team is working with laboratory scientists developing vaccine candidates and Bangladeshi colleagues to develop protocols to test vaccine candidates in the field.



Primary Contact:  Stephen Luby

Stanford University

.   Stephen Luby, PI (CEPI)

.   John Openshaw

University of Tokyo

.   Chieko Kai

European Vaccine Initiative (EVI)

.   Hilde Depraetere

Institut Pasteur de Lille

.   Odile Leroy

Batavia Biosciences

.   Ahd Hamidi



CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations)