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Getting Typhoid Shot

Water & Health

A cluster-randomized trial of water, sanitation, handwashing and nutritional interventions on stress and epigenetic programming | Audrie Lin, Andrew N. Mertens, Md. Ziaur Rahman, Sophia T. Tan, Dora Il'yasova, Ivan Spasojevic, Shahjahan Ali, Christine P. Stewart, Lia C. H. Fernald, Lisa Kim, Liying Yan, Ann Meyer, Md. Rabiul Karim, Sunny Shahriar, Gabrielle Shuman, Benjamin F. Arnold, Alan E. Hubbard, Syeda L. Famida, Salma Akther, Md. Saheen Hossen, Palash Mutsuddi, Abul K. Shoab, Idan Shalev, Mahbubur Rahman, Leanne Unicomb, Christopher D. Heaney, Patricia Kariger, John M. Colford Jr., Stephen P. Luby, Douglas A. Granger | Nature Communications | April 26, 2024

Influence of Temperature and Precipitation on the Effectiveness of Water, Sanitation, and Handwashing Interventions against Childhood Diarrheal Disease in Rural Bangladesh: A Reanalysis of the WASH Benefits Bangladesh Trial | Anna T. Nguyen, Jessica A. Grembi, Marie Riviere, Gabriella Barratt Heitmann, William D. Hutson, Tejas S. Athni, Arusha Patil, Ayse Ercumen, Audrie Lin, Yoshika Crider, Andrew Mertens, Leanne Unicomb, Mahbubur Rahman, Stephen P. Luby, Bejamin F. Arnold, Jade Benjamin-Chung | Environmental Health Perspectives | April 11, 2024

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Emerging Infections

Perinatal colonization with extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing and carbapenem-resistant Gram-negative bacteria: a hospital-based cohort study | Ashley Styczynski, Mohammed Badrul Amin, Kazi Injamamul Hoque, Shahana Parveen, Abu Faisal Md Pervez, Dilruba Zeba, Akhi Akhter, Helen Pitchik, Mohammad Aminul Islam, Muhammed Iqbal Hossain, Sumita Rani Saha, Emily S Gurley, Stephen Luby | Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control | January 29, 2024

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Child Cognitive Development

Stress Biomarkers and Child Development in Young Children in Bangladesh | Zachary Butzin-Dozier, Andrew N Mertens, Sophia T Tan, Douglas A Granger, Helen O Pitchik, Dora Il'yasova, Fahmida Tofail, Md Ziaur Rahman, Ivan Spasojevic, Idan Shalev, Shahjahan Ali, Mohammed Rabiul Karim, Sunny Shahriar, Syeda Luthfa Famida, Gabrielle Shuman, Abul K Shoab, Salma Akther, Md Saheen Hossen, Palash Mutsuddi, Mahbubur Rahman, Leanne Unicomb, Kishor K Das, Liying Yan, Ann Meyer, Christine P Stewart, Alan Hubbard, Ruchira Tabassum Naved, Kausar Parvin, Md Mahfuz Al Mamun, Stephen P Luby, John M Colford, Lia C H Fernald, Audrie Lin | Psychoneuroendocrinology | June 16, 2024

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Preventing Human Extinction ~ Planetary Health

Navigating the Complexities of Existential Risk: Insights from the 2023 Stanford Existential Risks Conference | Gabriella Ermanni | Stanford Freeman Spogli Institute | April 4, 2024

RxOH 2023 Alum: Abraar Karan | Abraar Karan | Rx One Health | January 31, 2024

Building a career in climate change and health | Jamie Hansen | Stanford Center for Innovation in Global Health | October 19, 2023

Is AI an Existential Risk? With Trond Arne Undheim, Research Scholar in at Stanford University | Trond Arne Undheim | October 2, 2023

The Swords of Damocles: Nuclear Weapons, Geoengineering, and the Politics of Placing Human Survival in Jeopardy for Economic Expediency | Daniel P. Zimmer | Can Technology Save the Planet?: Connecting Environmental Ethics with Technology Ethics: Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences | September 5, 2023

SERI Research Scholar Dr. Trond Undheim speaks to CBS News about Existential Risk | CBS News | July 27, 2023

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Preventing Human Extinction ~ Planetary Health

An interdisciplinary review of systemic risk factors leading up to existential risks | Trond Arne Undheim | Progress in Disaster Science | April 30, 2024

Dyadic risk mechanisms–a nomenclature for 36 proto-cascading effects determining humanity’s future | Trond Arne Undheim | European Journal of Futures Research | March 26, 2024

In search of better methods for the longitudinal assessment of tech-derived X-risks: How five leading scenario planning efforts can help | Trond Arne Undheim | Technology in Society | March 17, 2024

Quantitative scenarios for cascading risks in AI, climate, synthetic bio, and financial markets by 2075 | Trond Arne Undheim | Frontiers in Complex Systems | March 15, 2024

The whack-a-mole governance challenge for AI-enabled synthetic biology: literature review and emerging frameworks | Trond Arne Undheim | Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology | February 28, 2024

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