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Steve in Mymensingh, August 2014
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Luby Lab

Mission: Generate knowledge to support a healthy future for people and the planet.

Focus:    Low-income countries.

Kiln with Walker


Much university research is curiosity-driven, generating knowledge for its own sake. By contrast, the Luby Lab is a public health research laboratory that seeks strategic knowledge to improve health in communities. Our approach uses a framework outlining the stages of research that work progressively towards generating impact at scale. The Luby Lab is working to advance solutions across a broad array of public health problems including reducing air pollution from brick manufacturing in Bangladesh, reducing exposure to lead, advancing vaccine evaluations for typhoid and Nipah virus, and providing safe water to low-income communities while also preserving the environment.

Stephen P. Luby


Dr. Stephen Luby
Y2E2 Building
473 Via Ortega, M/C 4205
Stanford, CA 94305